Learning the Ropes

Layday Beach Ropes can be played by 1 - 4 players or teams.

One-on-one can be played with a single Rack or double Racks, team play requires double Racks.

In one-on-one, players throw ropes from the same end of the court. In team play, one player from each team throws from opposing ends of the court. All other rules are generally the same for one-on-one and team play.

The Court

Find a Beach

Stake the Rack into the sand using a back and forth motion while pressing down until the base is firmly embedded in the sand. Make sure the shorter post is facing the thrower. 

Form the Scoring Pit by dragging a rope in a circle around the Rack a few times.

Take 10 steps (20 feet) from the Rack and draw a line in the sand to throw from. Or, stake the second Rack into the sand with the shorter post facing the opposing Rack.


Each player chooses two Throwing Ropes with matching leather bands. Players then pitch, throw, or toss their ropes in an attempt to reach 21 points first by landing them in the Scoring Pit and encircling the Racks multiple scoring opportunities.

Priority (who goes first) at the start of the game is determined by each player throwing one rope. The highest scoring rope, or closest to the Rack receives Priority. During play, the winner of each Set has Priority in the next Set.

A players feet cannot step past the Rackline (Rack) when throwing a rope. Doing so cancels out the score for that rope.

Players alternate throwing ropes one at a time until each player has thrown both ropes. Ropes should not be removed from the Scoring Pit until scores are tabulated.


Players are encouraged to play using Cancellation Scoring

Players may choose Count All scoring as an option - simply total all points scored at the conclusion of each Set.


Style Point

Style Point

Throwayays, style points, & cheaters

Any rope that lands outside of the Scoring Pit, or to be exact, beyond one outstretched ropes distance from the Rack, is worth 0 points and is referred to as a Throwaway.

Any rope landing within the Scoring Pit, or within one outstretched ropes distance of the Rack is worth 1 Style Point.

Any rope that comes to rest touching, but not encircling the Rack is called a Cheater and is worth 2 points.


Any rope that lands between the posts in the curl of the Rack has scored a Hanger worth 3 points. Hangers can be both on the front post (Frontside Hanger) and the back post (Backside Hanger).







Any rope that fully encircles the Rack is worth 4 points and is also called a Rack.


Layday Lingo -Our surf inspired game gets some surf inspired terms

Beach Ropes - The best beach game of all time, invented 2017, patent pending

Blown out - Conditions are too extreme to play in - high winds, rain, etc...

Bomb - A rope thrown with an extra high arc

Bump - A thrown rope that knocks another rope into, or out of, a scoring opportunity

Burn - A thrown rope that lands on top of an opponents rope, cancelling out the scores, AKA Dropping In

Cancellation Scoring - The scores of each player cancel out the scores of their opponent at the end of each set. The remaining score goes to the winner  - Note: only one player can score in each set. Example: Player one scores 4 points, player two scores 3 points, cancel/subtract the 3 points from player one, leaving player one with 1 point for the set win

Cheater - A thrown rope that comes to rest touching the Rack, but not encircling it

Claim - A celebratory action after a scoring rope is thrown

Clean Up Set - When one player scores 6 points or more in one set, and their opponent scores no points

Dropping In - A thrown rope that lands on top of an opponents Hanger or Rack, cancelling out the scores

Hanger - A rope that lands between the posts on the Rack, worth 3 points / AKA - Hooked, Frontside Hanger, Backside Hanger

Lip - The outermost edge of the Scoring Pit

Pit - The scoring area created by dragging a rope in a circle around the Rack

Pitch - An underhanded throwing style

Priority - Who goes first

Rack - A thrown rope that fully encircles the Rack worth 4 points / Also the scoring apparatus for Layday Beach Ropes

Rackline - The imagined foul line created by the Rack

Set - The act of players throwing two ropes each and tabulating the score for those ropes

Style Point - A rope that lands inside of the Scoring Pit not touching the Rack, worth 1 point

Throwaway - A rope that lands outside of the Scoring Pit / a dead rope worth 0 points

Wash - A tie Set